Hackable robot

Roskilde University (May 2014)

At Fablab RUC I co-designed a hackable robotics platform to be used in workshops for high school and university students. Participants built a robot, gave it personality and experimented with the interaction between humans and technology. We provided laser cut robot parts, the Arduino open source rapid prototyping platform, electronics and programming building blocks. A single distance sensor and different behaviours coded as modular functions allow a range of behaviours to be combined.

We provide the participants the possibility to think, experiment and express themselves through the material, the media of the behaviours, look and feel of a robot - rather than more well known, established media such as a film or a written report. Expression through the material itself, not through words in a pamphlet about it. The material is the media, we think through the material, the material is primary.

Read more here (including source codes and diagrams)

By: Mads Hobye, Nikolaj Møbius and Nicolas Padfield Please credit FabLab RUC and illutron art collective This project is licensed under: CC BY-SA