Fablab RUC

Roskilde University (April 2014)

Fablab RUC is an experimental research lab focused on maker culture and empowering academia to use rapid prototyping in materials as a basis for conversations with the real world. Students, researchers and the public are free to use it to build based on their own curiosity. I have been employed since April 2014, part time, as a supervisor on interaction design projects and to develop maker culture as a part of an academic environment. All of the employed people are members of illutron.

The lab has grown to be one of the largest Fablabs in Denmark. I has four large scale laser cutters (one for metal), 20 3D printers, 3 CNC machines, a huge inventory of electronics and many more smaller rapid prototyping tools. Multiple papers has been written about the lab and can be found under publications.

Join the facebook page for updates and read more about the projects on http://fablab.ruc.dk.