Kinky Salon Copenhagen

Experimental (January 2010)

Together with a team of creative organizer I am a co-creator of Kinky Salon Copenhagen. It is an arty, playful, fun, sex positive costume party. We do sexy things in the name of art….and arty things in the name of sex. But most of all we have fun, and embrace all kinds of people and all kinds of sexuality.

The Mission of Kinky Salon is to provide a safe space for people of all persuasions to explore their sexuality without fear of judgment - in other words, have fun in a tolerant, creative and diverse space.

It’s a not-for-profit community run entirely by volunteers dedicated to creating the most fabulously creative space. Kinky Salon isn’t like any other party on the scene. For a start, Kinky Salon is open to all: be you vanilla or kinky, people of gender, straight, queer, bi or try-sexual, all of the above or none of the above. And, it's not just about sex - it's about creating a tolerant and thriving sex-positive community dedicated to self expression, creativity, participation and love. A place to support creativity, personal growth and deepening of community connection as essential counterparts to sensual and sexual exploration.

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