Traffic Jam - hackathon

Medea, Malmö University (May 2014)

I co-organised the Traffic Jam Hackathon at Medea Malmö. Traffic Jam Session is an innovation challenge where we prototype the future of public transportation. All hackers, creators, makers and thinkers were invited to the event that gave 36 hours of insight into the future of public transportation.

(Documentation photos by: Viktoria Blomberg Book)

The event was the first chance to get a glimpse of new technologies and get access to the systems and content that can revolutionize the way we travel. We created new concepts, services, and experiences based on data and tech provided by our partner organizations.

#Projects A selection of projects done during the event:

##Can I fit With the help of an infrared camera mounted in the bus and in the train you are able to count how many passengers there are. You are able to see if there´s any space left for you and your baby stroller, wheelchair or bike. The webapp suggests the nearest station at hand and gives you a good hint of how much space there is in the next bus or train approaching. Wherever it´s possible the same info is displayed at Skånetrafikens own info screens

  • (JACOB WALLER, DEVELOPER, SPOTIFY,, Twitter: @litenjacob
  • VIKTORIA BLOMBERG BOOK, CEO, APPBYRÅN,, Twitter: @viktoriablom)

##MeetApp PingPal Meetapp provides an easy way to meet up with friends. It suggests the most accessible cafe between you and your pal, with the least travel time. Just pick a pal from your phone book and explore convenient travel routes. Then follow your bus location in real time. Also, Meetapp provides a simple way to text message your pals.

  • Jonas Hallin
  • Joakim Brorsson
  • Andre Hansson
  • Johan Andersson
  • Supported by Jonas Jongejan

##Time to go It is the simplest travel guide app for commuters. Use it to figure out what time the next train or bus leaves. It only gives you the minutes. It can be used all over the world. It expects you to know the route already.

Mads Hobye

##Write on this wall It enables one to create physical landmarks with virtual discussion forums. It auto generates a pdf with an unique id to hand out.

Mads Hobye

##GoBike Users do not start and stop tracking applications when going biking and thus do not track data during most of their rides. Users wants results, not complications. A bluetooth enabled cadence tracker on the bike communicates with an Android phone to track when a biker starts and stops the bike, as well as the position of the bike. This is then presented in a web app displaying the ride on a map and a Google Street View image of each stop.

  • Lars Sehested (web dev)
  • David Pettersson (visionary & Android)
  • Robert Stanescu (Android & app hero)
  • Antonis Gkouskos (hardware & app hero)
  • Joakim Tornhill (support)
  • (Andreas Krohn (mentor, API ideas))

##EscapeCompass Minimalistic playful mobile app letting you escape in any direction, taking you on unexpected journeys. Meant as an exploration app to explore your city in unexpected angles than ordinary travel planners.

  • Johan Bichel Lindegaard
  • Jonas Jongejan