Reversed megaphone, Click Festival Helsingør & Wired Minds Helsingør (March 2011)

The Megaphone Project consisted of two megaphones, where the microphone of one megaphone was connected to the speaker of the other. When you talked in one megaphone your voice came out of the other, creating an odd feedback loop between the two participants.

The installation invited people to play with the possibility of representing another person’s voice. The only catch was the other person would also be able to represent your own voice. This created a potentially playful situation where each person should choose their words carefully because the other could return the words just as easily.

The two megaphones were interconnected: the microphone from megaphone 1 went to the speaker on megaphone two and vice versa. In between the two speakers, an amplifier was mounted with a Kaoss Pad for the modulation of the sounds.

The installation was exhibited as a part of an electronic music festival in Helsingør, Denmark. The installation did not spark interesting interactions, and they were limited to a few moments of people trying it out. It rarely occurred that there were people on both sides of the installation, therefore, most interaction occurred with one person yelling in one end without a counter-reaction at the other end.

Done by: Casper Øbro and Mads Hobye.