Mediated Pulse (2017), Royal Danish Theatre, Corpus, CPH Stage

Mediated Pulse is intended as a platform to explore the potential of interactive audience experience. It has been used as a way to visualize the pulse of a ballet dancer for the audience in a performance at the Royal Danish Theatre (see figure 6). By attaching a wireless pulse sensor to the ballet dancer it is possible to produce a representation of the pulse in the glass heart. This is done by making the heart vibrate in sync with the heartbeat, and making a synchronised red expressive animation in the string of light to give associations of blood running through the veins. 

Technically Mediated Pulse consists of a microcontroller, battery, a vibration motor and an individually addressable ‘neopixel’ light RGB string. The wifi module in the microcontroller enables it to connect wirelessly to other inputs e.g. a pulse sensor. Furthermore, the wireless connection and battery allow the heart to be passed around in an audience context without being constrained by cables. 

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Credits: Mads Hobye, Maja Fagerberg Ranten and Nina Gram. Done in collaboration with the Royal Danish Theatre. Glass form development as a part of Dynamic Transparencies with Henrik Svarrer Larsen, Peter Kuchinke and Mads Hobye. Blown by Bjørn Friborg.

Ballet dancer sensing her own real time heart beat for the first time.

The two images above are from "PUNCH LINE" a performance by Helle Fuglsang at CPH Stage.