2018, DK, Hestetorvet Ros. Roskilde Ligth Festival, Permanently exhibitined at Musicon, Roskilde.

The sculpture is 2x2x2 meters big and uses about 3000 individually addressable RGB pixels (Neopixels). Dying nature (stacked branches) mounted behind a diffuse plastic canvas. We are cut off from contact, and the dancing shadows are no more real than the shadows Behind the screen that shows us the idea of nature, hiding a mechanical organism that, without coincidence, is programmed to meet our expectations... Beautiful as the cube is, it is also a mechanical Frankenstein inside, with wires and branches fighting for space. There is a natural degeneration of branches (slowly withering).

By illutron:Schack Lindeman, Thomas Jørgensen, Nicolas Padfield, Bo Thorning, Mads Hobye and Sofie Casparsen