The orb probe

Initially a part of the Borderland Landart project 2019. Permanently installed at Hedeland (however, stolen a few weeks later). It is intended to challenge the concept of land art as naturally degradable materials like wood. Instead, it attempts to contrast the natural forest with technological serendipity. 

It explores "strange objects in public spaces". It is intended to be hidden from the usual path. It should be found by the few and spark curiosity. It will glow, light up and look like a little UFO that landed. 

Imagine going through the forest in the evening, and an orb is glowing. Like a ufo has landed. The strange object has seemingly been there for years. This compact land art object uses solar power to glow off the grid.

The object cannot see people but will react to mobile phones and other technical devices that send out a pulse. It will attempt to create contact by saying "hello" + the first four digits of the device id.

In 2023, The Orb landed at Roskilde Museum for the citys Light Festival. All the lights were turned off in the city it was glowing on the street.

Materials: Acrylic dome, solar panels, power station, electronics that control the light and aluminium structures.

Project by: Mads Hobye and Schack Lindemann.

Last two images from the Roskilde Light festival 2023