Embodied Companion, Catch Helsingør, 2020, 

Embodied companion is an exploration into a pet that you wear on your body. A living organism on your body. Instead of thinking of wearables as extensions of your own body, this is a companion with its own personality, preferences and wants. Intimacy happens when you interact with it and you learns its personality in such a way that you can start to accommodate it.

Dony by Mads Hobye

'Soft Circuits' Exhibition at CATCH

SATURDAY, 22 AUGUST 2020 FROM 14:00-16:00

Experience an exhibition at Catch on Saturday, where participants from our summer camp ‘Soft Circuits’ will showcase the projects they have been creating during the week.

Catch summer camp ‘Soft Circuits’ led by creative technologist, writer and artist Mirabelle Jones, explores the exciting, rapidly developing world of soft electronics and creative computing, including a look at conductive embroidery and e-textiles.

During the camp, participants have been exploring basic programs in C++ code to control inputs and outs, working with microcontrollers, actuators, light animations, sensors for detecting motion, temperature and brightness, buttons and slide switches, piezo speakers, microphones and conductive materials.

‘Soft Circuits’ Exhibition invites the public to experience how the designers, artists, performers and technologists attending the camp have implemented these various technologies into their own imaginative creations during the summer camp.

The group that will be showcasing their projects is:

Simone Wierød, Vanessa Carpenter, Anna Dagmar Bille Milthers, Rigmor Astrid Bille Milthers, Linh Le, Sarah Hilmer Rex, Mads Høbye, Honey Biba Beckerlee, Ida Dalsgaard Nicolaisen, Olivia Løvenring, Petra Ahde-Deal, Maria Nadia, Adam Woodsford, Sally Rud, Rikke Hoffmann-Petersen, Line Faber Jørgensen