Perception is participation, KP21-digital 2021, DK

The piece consists of a simple digital representation of a spiral line drawing on a piece of paper. However, its size and edginess are affected by a machine-learning model which interprets the viewers' emotional state. Hence a feedback loop is created between the perception, the viewer and the drawing. The viewer is involuntarily a participant in the creation of the work.

It uses machine learning to track faces and detect emotional expressions.

By: Mads Hobye

About KP21-digital

The exhibition KP21-digital will be shown online in the period 27 March – 1 July 2021 at

The Covid-19 crisis has made visible potential for art on digital platforms. KP wants to develop this further - partly because of the extended reach an online exhibition platform enables and partly to promote and spread digital art in Denmark.

Digital art offers an essential opportunity to reflect on perhaps the most significant paradigm shift of our time - from an analogue to a digital era - through art. It works on the media's premises and is thereby an important aspect in the understanding of and the formation of culture in the digital era.

This digital formation relies on works created for virtual platforms and the Internet. That is that the works are created with digital tools and are presented on digital platforms, which is NOT to be confused with digitized art, which may be photographs of analogue works of art that may be exhibited in galleries on the Internet.

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